Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Psychologist Appointment Tomorrow

We have another appointment in the morning, and I'm nervous. We've had our inital appointment where we discussed our concerns, and then we had one where it was just the doctor and Brady playing and talking. We've filled out tons of forms, had his teacher fill out a couple, and kept a journal of his difficulties. Tomorrow, we're supposed to go over her findings and discuss a plan. She wants Brady to come, and he will, hopefully, sit out in the hallway and play by himself while we discuss the grown-up stuff. I'm thinking we'll have to come up with a bribe to get him to do that. He seriously hates being left out of conversations. But she wants him there for part of the conversation, so he has to come along.

So, I really have no idea what to expect tomorrow. Will she give us a diagnosis? Will she say we need to see another type of doctor? Will she suggest medication? Will she tell us he's just a normal kid and we need some parenting classes?

Seriously, I don't even know what to hope for. A formal diagnosis of some sort would help us understand more what he's dealing with and possibly get us more help at school. I'm also scared of a diagnosis because I don't like the idea of him being labeled, especially in the school system. I'm scared about the possibility of medication. I also know that, depending on her findings, medication could help. I'm scared that she'll say he's a normal kid in need of some discipline because that means we're at least partially to blame. I'm worried that she'll just have us try yet another reward system. Trust me, we've tried and I don't need to spend tons of money on coming up with another one. But maybe she has some magic system that'll work for him and he'll actually internalize some of the lessons it's meant to teach. Who knows?

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  1. Hi Julie - I just wandered into your blog after reading your comment on Hartley's post about SPD/ADHD. Your son sounds SO similar to mine. My Jonah is 5 and struggling through kindergarten. I've suspected SPD for a while, and in the last couple of weeks, realized we are dealing with ADHD as well. If you have any amazing breakthroughs with this combination, I would be soooo grateful if you'd share. We have had some success with spinning our Ikea swing, and heavy work, but classroom intervention is trickier. Best wishes on your journey!