Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Bus

I got called onto the bus yesterday afternoon, and the driver told me that he's having a very hard time staying seated and keeping his hands to himself. SHOCKER!! No, really, it made me sad b/c I thought he was doing ok, as he is in class. So, for now, he's going to have to sit by himself in the first row. We had a long talk last night, and I told him to keep his backpack on his lap, hoping the weight of it will help remind him to stay on his bottom. He's usually pretty good when it comes to safety-related things, so I tried explaining how the only way to stay safe on the bus is to sit in the seat correctly. Equated standing up or getting on his knees to unbuckling his car seat straps. I'm huge on car safety, so I was already worried about sending him off on a bus. If he doesn't get better, I'm going to have to start driving him, which none of us really want. I told him that if he can start sitting correctly, then after awhile we'll try to let a friend sit with him. The driver seems very helpful and sympathetic, so I think we'll get him straight. But it does worry me that she has to worry about all these kids, Brady bouncing around included, while driving down a two lane road!

Oh, and I made sure he took his fidget wristband with him today and really showed him how he can play with it, which I realized I've probably never done. Maybe that will give him something to do since he's used to having friends with him :(.