Friday, April 16, 2010


I'm a stay at home mom to two boys, Brady and Henry. My oldest, Brady, 5 years old, has some "sensory issues" that make life a bit more difficult than it is for others. I'm hoping I can keep up with this blog as I'd like to use it as a journal for myself, but also possibly help others out there struggling with the same problems. The youngest, Henry, is 2.5 years old, and seems to be much more mild-mannered than his brother, but also loves to copy him, which can lead to some crazy days.


  1. Hi Julie.
    I relate to your posts a lot. I've never been able to have an easy day with my 26 month old daughter. She rarely can sit still for anything and I don't really have any techniques to help calm her down yet..We just started ST, PT and will have her first OT Monday. I think I am still in denial that she has SPD even though she is diagnosed. It is overwhelming to me..I haven't even read any books yet. I only read a bit online and then I feel more depressed. As a single mom I feel very stressed already and the implications of this are so overwhelming. I don't know how to help her when she's wildly running through the mall and won't stop or continues running in superfast circles refusing to stop while cracking up the whole time- I am petrified she will fall down and get hurt and I try to tell her but she just laughs and goes even faster! We are at the very begining of our journey so I have to hang in there but it is scary. Reading your blog is comforting and familiar at the same time.If you have any advice for me I'd be grateful!

  2. Thank you for creating a blog. I also have two boys - four and two. My oldest also has sensory issues and my second is calmer but mimics his brother sometimes. One moment I think I'm getting a handle on this, the next minute I think I'm going to loose it - like right now. I seriously wonder if I'm capable of being a mother. I feel so guilty for feeling this way, but I'm so depressed that I ended up with two wild boys - why can't I have calm, compliant children.... I know it could be a lot worse and I need to be grateful. It helps to know others are having a similar experience. I really really need to hear from someone a little farther down the line that it DOES get better - the therapies DO help.

  3. I have three boys (6, 4 1/2, and 2), and our oldest has SPD. I see glimpses here and there of it in our other two, but nowhere near the level of our 6yr old's symptoms. I started a blog about a month ago about our SPD journey as well.

    Julie, I'm going to link you on my blog. And I want to send out big hugs to all our overwhelmed mamas!! Been there. Am there still, on many days. We are still fairly new to an official diagnosis and therapies. It's a long process, but we are working hard and have hope for easier years ahead. Hang in there!