Wednesday, April 28, 2010

He took a shower!!!

Poor Brady has been wanting to start taking showers off and on for a while now, but has been scared because he hates getting water in his face. We tried to do one a couple months ago, and it did not go well, even with a swimming mask. He wanted to try one again tonight. It was still hard, but we got through it and by the end, he was closing his eyes and putting most of his head in the water. We even washed his body AND hair!!

It started off with us trying to figure out the water temperature. Brady likes his baths to be lukewarm, and there is a very narrow window of "correct" temperature. So getting the right temp from the faucet up to the shower was an ordeal and I almost gave up before he was barely even wet. Once we figured that out, he decided he liked the water on his back, so we started soaping him up. We had a few problems rinsing his front side, and moreso once it was time to get his hair wet, but he got through it. There was a lot of screaming for his towel to wipe his eyes. He said his eyes burn when they get water in them. Poor kid. His towel, and me, and the floor, were all quite wet before it was all done, but I'm so proud of him for getting back in there. At one point, he got some water on his face and said "I'm kind of fine, but I want my towel." He was trying to be so brave.

He was so incredibly excited and proud of himself for this accomplishment that I'm so glad I was able to keep my patience and help him get through all his fears and burning eyes. I hope this continues because I hear showers are a lot quicker than baths for kids.

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  1. Just found your blog - what a great accomplishment for you all! showers are tricky for us too, especially water in the eyes and nose. He now shuts his eyes tight (and we always have a towel handy) and holds his nose when we rinse his hair. Since starting that, we no longer hear cries of "I can't smell!!!" or "I have boogers in my eyes!!". Good luck!