Friday, September 10, 2010

My Big, Brave 5 Year Old

Brady came down this morning wearing a shirt that is known to have an itchy tag. He always wear another shirt under it to protect his skin.

He let me help him put on the "short socks" that he threw at me the last time we tried them thinking they were Henry's and telling me they were waaaaaaaay too small (ankle socks instead of crew socks) .

He got through his first fire drill at school, said it was just a little scary but he was brave and got in line with the other kids.

He allowed me to put on his socks and shoes yesterday even though he had a little boo-boo on his ankle. I was bracing for the shoe being thrown at me, but he just calmly told me he was ok with it.

He went out to dinner and then to bed last night and to school this morning w/out finding his lost toy lizard.

He says he loves the noise of the cafeteria!

He said he'd rather play chalk during recess than on the equipment??

He's been fine with the string of the nametag around his neck, which he couldn't stand touching his skin at orientation.

"Now that I'm 5, I'm a lot braver and that stuff doesn't bother me. When I was 4 it did, but now that I'm 5 it doesn't."

I could just cry! He's come so far in the last couple of years. At least so far, it's looking like Kindergarten is agreeing with him. I hope it keeps up! And I hope the itchy tag and short socks don't make him have a bad day today after he insisted he was fine with them.


  1. wow! fantastic! I love that now that he's 5 he's a lot braver :-) very cool (and so self-aware!)
    awesome way to start the school year.

  2. What an awesome post! Gives me hope that we'll adjust.