Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fun Shopping Trip

Shopping with Brady in tow is always an adventure.  At the grocery store, Brady still likes to get into the little car carts, but he's constantly hanging his head out the side trying to talk to me and yelling to me about everything we just have to buy because he's never had it before or he's seen it on TV. And at Target, he's usually just grabbing things or at least touching everything.

Well, yesterday, he had a blast at Target. It really was pretty funny. Apparently, he needed some proprioceptive input and he actually found decently acceptable ways to get it! We got one of those carts that has the two seats attached to handle side, but he didn't want to sit there for long. For most of the trip, he pretended that the cart was a runaway train. He'd stop and have me walk ahead and then he'd run and jump onto the seat. He had a great time and entertained some of the other shoppers as well. When we had to stop and look at something, he had a horrible time trying to be still and stop talking so I could think, but once we were moving again, he was fine. At the end of the trip, we had to stand and wait for some pictures I had printed. Instead of bugging me too much, he found a new way to get some proprioceptive input -

And after all that, he was able to calmly decorate the frame we had bought for Father's Day. Even when he didn't do something quite like he had planned, there was no meltdown, he just decided that Daddy would still like it. Usually if he makes a mistake, he'll have to start over no matter how minor the problem. We were dealing with permanent markers and I was scared, but he did beautifully!


  1. That is a GREAT photo! :)


  2. It IS a great photo!
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